Learn How Day Trading and Scalping Gaps can make you a lot of money

Learn How Day Trading and Scalping Gaps can make you a lot of money

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The Lazy Gap Trader Free E-Book and Two Weeks of Gap Trades.

More often than not, the best money making techniques and strategies are passed down from one trader to another, along with some welcomed wisdom.

This is exactly what happened to me almost 20 years ago.

There's no shortage of stuff to trade these days. In fact, in my opinion that's part of the problem, not the solution to success.

Making money in the market on a consistent basis is hard enough. We go from one trading strategy to another, one newsletter publisher to another and still find ourselves in a never ending quest to solve the puzzle – can I make money in these markets?

Step back for a second and think about some of the most important characteristics that make people and companies successful.

How about having a consistent, repeatable process with proven results?

I'm going to show you a method where we take a common strategy, apply a simple process, some rules, a little technical analysis and package it into a system that can produce enormous profits if followed properly.

The system is based on trading the gaps.

A "gap" is the difference between a security's opening price and its closing price from the day before. That's it.

You'll see this displayed on a technical price chart as a space from one day to the other, known as "the gap."

Everything discussed in this lesson can be applied to regular market trading hours.

What causes a gap?

A security may open up or down from yesterday's close for a number of reasons. Earnings reports, geopolitical activities, economic reports and any other news worthy items that causes the security to jump up or down at the open. In reality, we don't really care at all what the event is, we only want to know "can we trade it?"

More than 80% of the time, price will "retrace" back up or down and make an attempt to "close the gap."

This is where we can exploit the market, make sensible trades and money from the gaps before most people begin to figure out which end is up.

You've probably heard or will hear terms such as fading a gap, exhaustion gap, continuation gap, runaway gaps and more…

We're not concerned with the names or the people who gave them the names, we're working with two primary techniques to trade gaps for profit, gap retracements and scalping the morning gaps.

Knowing where the mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, and any other large player in the market would be a buyer or seller is as good as having the golden ticket. This can change your life.

Not only will you learn where the big money will be buyers or sellers, but you learn how to:

Find a basket of stocks to trade every morning

Eliminate the ones that have a lower probability of making you money

Select only the premium trades, the ones with the highest probability of making money

Figure out the most probable price level the stocks will travel to either up or down

Know when to enter the trade

Know when to exit before everyone else

Maximize the profit by a little used strategy most traders won't do
and much much more…

The video lesson below will teach you everything you need to know about gap retracements.

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