Consistent Swing Trading with Market Phases

Consistent Swing Trading with Market Phases

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Originally presented on 7/8/14 by Geoff Bysshe.

Have you ever heard of using "Market Phases" to precisely identify when a stock or ETF is about to begin a big move?

Co-founder of, Geoff Bysshe, has been using this simple principle he calls "Market Phases" for decades to successfully anticipate major market moves, so we asked him to show you how it works!

Geoff will show you how to use Market Phases to identify great swing trades with low risk and big profit potential.

Attend this complimentary training and you'll discover how to:

Find the best trades in bull and bear markets So You Can Profit In All Market Conditions.
Anticipate Any Market's Next Move and Identify The Swing Trades With The Most Profit Potential
Get into big trend trades early So You Can Minimize Your Risk With Good Stops
Identify The Best Time To Enter And Exit The Market To Maximize Your Trade's Profit Potential

About the presenter: Geoff Bysshe

Geoff Bysshe, co-founder of has traded since 1990. He began as a floor trader on the NY Commodities exchange. Later he moved into trading equity based strategies for the NY Hedge fund, Millennium Partners. Since co-founding in 1996 he has traded his own account while providing market analytic software and trading education services to many professional organizations and thousands of individual traders.

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