A must know stock trading strategy (Useful for those under the Pattern Day Trade rule)

A must know stock trading strategy (Useful for those under the Pattern Day Trade rule)

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This video introduces an extremely successful, low risk/high reward, stock trading strategy. Don't believe such a thing exists? Watch the video and see for yourself that it does.

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What's neat about this video is that it stands the test of time. First posted in February 2012, the strategy could have banked you thousands in 2015 so far!

Take a stock like VLTC for example:

VLTC went from $2 to $22 in just 3 weeks, an insane rise of 1000%! Had you used the strategy outlined in this video, you could have captured nearly ALL OF THAT 1000% MOVE!!! Just take a look at this chart and see for yourself: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=vltc (focus on April 1st-April 20th 2015).

Low priced stocks like VLTC are making moves all the time, and this strategy is one of the ways to play them.

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